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Best Digital Detox

How long do you spend per day on the internet scrolling mindlessly through Instagram and Facebook? Does FOMO get pretty real for you day by day? Trust us, you need a digital detox.

Digital detox is a period of time when someone refrains from all the digital services such as smartphones, computers, and social media voluntarily. This detoxification procedure is getting huge popularity nowadays.

The best digital detox will help you to reduce stress and anxiety that is often caused by internet addiction and overuse of technology. It will help you to refocus on your normal social interaction and helps you to reconnect with nature. A digital detox can help you to increase mindfulness and also improves learning abilities.

When To Do Digital Detox?

Well, we all know, it is impossible to be completely free from technology, and we won’t ask you to do that ever. The main problem is you should not overuse technology. Getting dependent completely on technology is not good for you as it can make your life more difficult.

1. Don’t Use Before Sleeping

You should not use smartphones or computers before sleeping. All smartphones emit Blue lights that hamper your natural sleep-wake cycle. This Bluelight can also cause some serious health hazards like obesity, diabetes, and even cancer.

2. Limit Social Media

Some studies have shown that addiction to social media may cause some serious psychological problems. It can cause problems like narcissism, depression, anxiety, and even low-self esteem especially among teenagers. Try to lower your social media activities.

3. Overusing Makes You Dull

It has been proven that internet addiction can make you less productive. When you need to concentrate more on work, the constant notifications can make you distracted and also stressed. Try to limit the usage of social media and the internet while you are at work.

4. Opt To Tablets

It has been found that using smartphones while on work can make you less productive. The other forms of technologies like computers, palmtops, and tablets are better than smartphones.

Do You Need A Digital Detox?

Well, there are ample warning signs which indicate that you need a digital detox right now.

  • Are you constantly on your phone?

  • Do a face to face conversation bothers you?

  • Are you getting distracted all the time?

  • You are prone to make careless mistakes?

  • Struggling to sleep properly for months?

  • Outdoors has become a no-go place for you as you spend glued on the screen in your free time.

Therefore, you need the digital detox. You can take a few steps to take back control of your life again. Keep reading to find out the ways of digital detoxifications.

How To Do A Digital Detox

Before starting the digital detoxification you need to calculate how much time you spend on technology idly. You will be shocked to see that you spend hours liking nature videos on Instagram without noticing the actual nature laying next to your balcony for ones.

Well here, we have rounded up a few ground rules that you can follow to do your digital detox.

1. Uninstall Social Media For A Week

Well, turn off every social media app from your phone for just a week. Tell your friends that they can call you or text you on your phone if anything necessary arises.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Turn off every notification from different apps while you are working. You do not want to get the notifications of Amazon Sale every minute. Check the notifications at designated times like once in every three or four hours.

3. Switch Off Your Devices After Dark

Keep your phones, tablets, laptops powered off after the sun sets in. The turning off electronic devices after dark will make your body naturally sleepy.

4. Unsubscribe The Emails

Unsubscribe the newsletters and notifications that are clustering in your mail inbox. Trust us, you do not want to know about any celebrity’s keto diet.

What To Do At The Time Of Digital Detox

Well, without technology you can get more time for yourself. Read more to know about what you can do instead of looking at your phone every day.

1. Get Creative

Well, you can polish your childhood hobbies in your free time. Draw, paint, write, read, dance, or bake. Do anything that you love. These will sharpen your brain and as well as help to build a connection between the neurons.

2. Exercise

Build a routine of working out and follow it. With the right exercise, you will be definitely fit to wear that dress you are thinking about buying for a long time.

3. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones makes us happy in an instance. Grab dinner with your long lost friend. Ask your neighbor to join you to watch the game. Create memories.

4. Sleep

Listen to the body's natural sleep-wake cycle. When you are distracting yourself from the technology you will find that you have lots of free time, go to bed early.


For everyone, thinking about getting a digital detox sounds a bit confusing. But digital detox can make you a changed person. You can have your own free time and take more control of your life as well.

So do not be afraid to disconnect for a bit. Sometimes disconnecting can be beneficial.

Tina Ray

Tina is a senior content writer a Zotezo. In short, she makes sure that any content which goes out is EPIC! She is a Home Improvement, Business, and Wellness enthusiast which drives her to write content around these topics. You can follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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