Lauren Lindemulder
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Hi - Thanks for stopping by! 


My journey started in high school working for my mom at her women's boutique - I learned social media tactics, management skills, and taught myself basic website design. Early into college, I worked for a local real estate company where I grew my knowledge in real estate marketing, sales, and customer service.


Throughout my college career at Texas A&M, I found my entrepreneurial spirit and love for taking risks.


I started a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog, Sisterlyblondes, with my sister Lexi and worked as a marketing manager for a start-up company, The PlatForum. This is where I found my passion for people and community.


Following graduation, I was at a crossroads of what to do next. That's when I took the leap and started my own company, LoCo Marketing, that allows me to combine my skills and my passion.

Behind the name

"Loco" - /lo-ko/- crazy. I am crazy. Crazy passionate about what I do. My nickname has always been "Lo" so this kind of stuck. Co stands for "joint, mutual, togetherness" -  I believe collaboration drives success and I love working with people to make their visions become a reality. I also like thinking outside the box and testing the market's boundaries.

More Fun Facts

I do freelance work in Austin and College Station, TX. I'd love to meet face-to-face, but I do a majority of my work remotely so don't let location stop you from reaching out. I'd love to work with you no matter where you are!

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